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Breadwinner knows when your starter is bake-ready by learning how it grows.

Stop guessing when your starter is ready: the single biggest improvement you can make as a sourdough baker is knowing how and when your starter is most active. Breadwinner sends you a notification when your starter is ready to go.

Sourdough starters are mysterious colonies of microbes evolved to help humans bake the tastiest bread on Earth, but starters can be stubborn and mercurial.

We set out to solve this with Breadwinner.

The guts of Breadwinner are pretty simple – a couple of battery powered sensors that measure height and temperature. Each time you feed your starter, Breadwinner seamlessly syncs with the cloud to record your starter’s behavior over the course of 36 hours. 

Once your starter hits its peak fermentation, Breadwinner lets you know it’s time to start making your dough, and gives you a precise measurement of how long it took (e.g. "Your starter took 9 hours and 32 minutes to reach its peak.")

By crunching all these numbers behind the scene for you, Breadwinner takes the guesswork out of gluten.

Breadwinner might seem really nerdy, but it’s actually the perfect beginner’s tool. We built this to help you nurture, coax, and cultivate your starter from scratch so you can get the most out of your time in the kitchen. 
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